ALZMINDER Customer Feedback

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I am a user of the application/service
I am a representative of an organisation dealing with persons with memory decline, e.g., elderly people or people with Alzheimer disease, etc.
I am a person with memory decline
I do not experiencing any memory decline, however, I am using the application/service due to its simplicity
I am a care giver of a person with memory decline or other cognitive difficulties

Please, rate the following statements against your agreement (1: lowest level of agreement, 10: highest level of agreement):

I immediately understood the function of each of the home screen buttons/services
I like the home screen button graphics.
My overall impression of the Alzminder application/service is very positive.
I did not face difficulty in starting the application/service.

I would like the following features to be added to the next version of Alzminder application/service:

Any other comments: