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A collaboration service for organisations, projects and other types of groups. Exchange documents and information, host community discussions, manage projects/tasks, manage social media.

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FixCyprus Service

See, report and discuss local issues

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Assisting persons with Dementia symptoms and their carers with their everyday life. 

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 Accessible learning objects

Digital educational games and learning material for (accessible) basic ICT training

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Digital games' Co-design

Digital educational games co-design methodology and training courses 

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Scenario-based virtual training

3-D Scenario Simulation and Game-based learning for teachers in special education  

Open Source Software Integration

Open Source Software can be a real competitive advantage for SMEs! We can help you use it in integrated environments without legal flaws. 


Consulting Services

  • Public and private procurement and tendering

  • Supportive technology and e-inclusion services

  • Efficient and effective adoption of technology

  • Organisational processes' change management

  • Semantic modelling and reasoning

Hardware/Software Intelligent Systems Development

We undertake the design and development of cyber-physical solutions customised to your needs. We have extensive experience and expertise in electronics design and embedded intelligence and reasoning.

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Simply, a Cyprus postcodes directory  

As the title suggests, it is simply a Cyprus postcodes directory. Nothing more, nothing less.  

The postcode data of this service is provided by Cyprus Open Data Portal.

An API is also available as a service for developers and third-party service providers who want to access postcodes and search for street names. At the moment, the API is in beta version and is open to everyone for testing. The API documentation is located here.  

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Route66 Cafe e-Ordering

A Web/Mobile e-Ordering system for Route66 Cafe in Aglantzia, Cyprus. Own branding, flexible and quick deployment, fully integrated label printing device, 24/7 hosting and professional technical support. 

More is coming...

We are currently developing a number of Web/Mobile cyber-physical solutions to address a variety of societal needs.