Play2Do Project - Cyprus Multiplier Event

Working with students facing certain intellectual disabilities and learning difficulties

On Monday, 2 April 2018, we had the pleasure to organise the Play2Do Cyprus Multiplier Event at Youth Makerspace in Larnaca, Cyprus, in a successful collaboration with the Private Learning Centre G.E and the Youth Board of Cyprus! The event focused on training the participants on how to effectively address children and students with special educational needs in their professional practice. It was run as an education seminar targeting teachers, educational psychologists, academics, carers, parents, as well as any other interested person from the Cyprus society. Further to a presentation of the Play2Do simulated practice environment and the respective training/education course, we were delighted to watch:

i) a very interesting and inspiring presentation by Ms Marianna Gregoriou on the new trends of assistive technology for writing, speaking, and in general communicating with children with special educational needs; the presentation was accompanied by a demonstration of a number of special education devices;

ii) a very interesting and inspiring talk by Dr Angelos Koutoumanos, Director and Editor in Chief of , who shared with the participants his experience and knowledge on understanding the grounds of intellectual and developmental disabilities that lead to special educational needs and also understand and manage the dynamics in relation with the children family and environment.

We express our sincere thanks to our collaborators for making this event a great success. Most of all we thank our presenters, as well as the wonderful participants for their professionalism, their exchange of ideas and interesting discussions.

Note: 2nd of April was the International Autism Day 2018. Relevant events were happening at Larnaca Medieval Castle in the evening. 

You can enjoy pictures of the event below: