We are epxerts in the field of public and private procurement and especially in the use of Internet solutions to procurement.
If you are a private company that acts as a supplier of products, services and/or works to contracting authorities, our consultants will be able to help you through your registration and efficient use of e-Procurement solutions worldwide, through the preparation of proposals as responses to public and/or private calls for tenders, as well as, through the use of any dedicated ICT tools for the submission of your proposals, the follow up of the procurement process or even the managing of electronic catalogues and electronic orders.
If you are an organisation acting as a contracting authority and consumer, our consultants will help you through the preparation of your calls for tenders, through the managing of the tenders’ collection and evaluation phase, as well as, through the managing of any electronic means during the process.


As indicated in our accessibility policy, we strongly believe that there are no impaired and disabled people…it is the limitations of our societal and technological development that is unfriendly to a part of our fellow beings. Our company is active in the field of e-Inclusion by providing consulting services, as well as, developing solutions for supportive technology. We cooperate with a variety of organisations across Europe, in order to address the issue from all percpectives; new technology, training, socialisation, motivation!

Technology adoption

The efficient and effective adoption of the technology in the working (but not only) environments is a major issue for private and public organisations. We offer high quality and professional consultancy to guide you and your employees through the steps to adopt a newly deployed technology or even working processes involving technological innovations. Our strategy is built around the dimensions of “knowledge” and “motivation“, that in turn guarantees innovation for your organisation.

Change management

Every new technology is unavoidable associated with a smaller or bigger change in the traditional working processes and calture. In G.M EUROCY INNOVATIONS LTD, we are aware of the difficulties in managing such changes, so we offer a dedicated series of consulting services to support you achieve a smooth transition to the new technological environment in your organisation. We use standard and state-of-art methodologies for change management, addressing all aspects, from technological, to societal, caltural, legal, etc.

Optimization techniques and Operational Research

We offer consulting in applying linear and non-linear optimisation techniques in order to better control and manage your business processes. We cooperate with high profile consultants from the academic and industrial environments.