Although a newly founded company, EuroCy Innovations has presented a quick penetration in the market, building on its founders’ experience European-wide. Members of the company have successfully contributed to large commercial software projects of the public sector, as well as, to European research activities. Moreover, the company implements a number of self-motivated projects to leverage social innovation and build the ground to successfully meeting its strategic objectives.

Our portfolio spans from custom designed and developed solutions for our customers, to internet-based services, to consultancy, training and innovation research. Our key competitive advantage is the fact that we are not only technicians; we rather invest time in understanding our customers’ needs and providing high quality consultancy and solutions. In addition, we offer a very good value for money trade-off due to our using of Open Source technologies and Open Standards in our developments.

We are able to do it and we want more! We are open in proposals for cooperation in commercial and research initiatives in Europe and beyond. We proved that we deliver in high quality and we are a very experienced and reliable partner. In case you have ideas that you would like to discuss with us, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Our primary focus is in developing custom cyber-physical solutions and/or internet-based services for our customers, combined with high quality consulting. You may find here a list of our key products and services which you may request at your own convenience.


We are a team of highly qualified people that are always willing to use their expertise in leveraging your business. We offer a range of consulting services on a variety of topics, from procurement, to technology adoption and processes’ change management, to open source software integration and licensing, to society inclusion, etc.


A great challenge towards the real adoption of the technology in working and social environments is the creation of the necessary skills to use and benefit from it. In EuroCy Innovations we give emphasis in the training of end-users on how to efficiently adopt the new software solutions. We are experts in creating the most appropriate printed and online training material, covering all diverse people’s needs for participation by taking into account the particularities of the attendants.

Our consultants have wide experience in providing training courses in many application fields, always focusing on the technological advances and the efficient adoption of these advances in the working environments. They are able to provide high quality training sessions to the users of the technology and make them familiar with the range of the offered functionality, but also with the business processes involved. Even more, we give emphasis in the demonstration of the real motivations by using the newly developed solutions, in order to make your end-users really WANT to adopt and use it!

Here you will find a list of training opportunities offered by EuroCy.


Our primary objective is the innovation! However, there is no innovation without research. We offer our experience and reliability as a partner in European and National research initiatives. Our research interests vary from pure technological innovations, to more application-oriented initiatives and in various domains, to more social-oriented topics. A non-exhaustive list follows:

  • Knowledge mining and management
  • e-Government services
  • Semantically enhanced interoperable components and services
  • Intelligent control and applications
  • Social Inclusion
  • e-Health
  • Social aspects of technology adoption
  • Big Data modelling and analysis
  • Enabling Internet of Things

The company is currently contributing as a key partner in various research initiatives in cooperation with local and other European organisations from Academia, Industry, Society and Government. An indicative list of research projects can be seen here, in which we have been involved as initiators and coordinators or as key contributors.