Hosting and technical support

We offer hosting and technical support services for your websites and other Web services, at highly competitive prices and coupled with the reliability of our staff.

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EuroCy offers a collaboration service which organisations, projects and other types of groups can use to exchange documents, information, host discussions among members, manage project tasks and assignments, etc, without the overhead of managing general social media profiles.

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OSS – Integration and Licensing issues

You have propably heard of Open Source Software. To many people this sounds like unreliable and untrustworthy piece of software that can sometimes be good. WRONG! It all depends on knowledge and correct understanding and use of any kind of software. We offer consulting on issues around open and free source software, addressing a big range of aspects, from legal issues, to enabling business processes, to interoprability, knowledge management, open projects’ development and hosting, maintenance and promotion. One is for sure, open source software can be a real competitive advantage for SMEs, due to the lower costs of development and maintenance, and due to the openness in the whole process that promotes the adoption of standards.

Together with our partners we formed a Cyprus Competence Centre for OSS, which you may use to obtain high quality consulting and solutions. You may also find at OSS-Integration-Licensing-v1.0, a comprehensive study performed by this Centre on integration and licensing issues of OSS. 

Software engineering

Our consultants will first undertake the in-depth analysis of your personal, business, organisation requirements in technological solutions. Together we will define what is best for your exact needs and use purpose. Our development team will cooperate closely with you during the actual implementation of the solution and you will further be supported by a qualified dedicated project manager and a small team of consultants as deemed necessary.
We are moslty experienced in the implementation of Web- and mobile- based cyber-physical (software and hardware) solutions in various application fields, like e-Government, e-Learning, e-Health, e-Procurement, e-Security, e-Inclusion, etc.
There is more! Our services do not stop after the delivery of the software, but they go even beyond the normal warranty support, through training and customised technical support.

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Alzminder is a mobile application assisting persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and in general persons with Dementia symptoms. It offers support to the assisted persons, as well as their Caregivers, through a range of services: REMINDERS, GAMES, MUSIC, CALLS, PICTURES, HELP-SOS.
Family members or caregivers of assisted persons may use Alzminder to create customised cognitive improvement exercises with multimedia content, organise their daily life and activate them through voice reminders and prompts.

Educational games

Through our activities in the education domain and our participation in relevant projects, we co-design and develop digital educational games. You may find here links to games and interactive educational resources, for which EuroCy has shared intellectual property.