Workshop on Accessibility of Digital Technologies: Creation and Use

A very interesting workshop about the accessibility of digital technologies was organised by EuroCy Innovations, in cooperation with the IEEE UCY Student Branch, on Thursday 20 November 2014. The workshop was part of the activities carried out in Cyprus in the framework of the Europe Code Week .

The aim of the workshop was to bring together students in the fields of technologies and experts in accessibility, and enable them to exchange views and learn how technology can become accessible to everybody (persons with vision impairments, kinetic limitations, etc.)
Participants had the chance to sit in a group and discuss several accessibility issues with the speakers/facilitators. The detailed programme of the event is available in Greek here.
The attendance was rather limited, which, on the bright side, gave the chance to motivated engineers to learn by first hand  and discuss in detail the issues faced by people with disabilities when trying to access digital content and other resources.
You may get an idea of the nice atmosphere of the workshop through the pictures below:
Participants of the workshop focusing on a person that talks
Participants of the workshop focusing on a person that talks
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